Manufacturing Facilities

AJSW Manufacturing Facility

AJSW soon will have two manufacturing machines for producing multilayer PE films with production capacity of 6000 MT per annum of blown PE films.

A latest start-of-the-art plant, manufacturing blown Polyethylene films as per international standards, producing the world-class PE films. This plant is equipped with highly sophisticated machines from Windsor in technical assistance with Kunhe Gmbh Germany.

First machine installed is OBC and second IBC controlled and is capable of manufacturing widths ranging up to 2200 mm. The IBC machine will be equipped with Electronic Process Control (EPC) system and Automatic Feeding Systems to produce high clarity PE films and having best possible gauge control in PE films.

Our Products


The most commonly used shrink-wrap is polyolefin it is avialable in a variety of thickness, clarities, strenghts and shrink ratios.


Stretch film it is used when products are palletized for shipping, stretch film is wrapped around the load to provide stability